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Dear Shore Residents:

Sen. Colburn during 2006 Session
Rich speaking during the
2006 Senate Session

Welcome to my website. Within these pages, you will find information regarding my accomplishments during my past terms as your Senator; including the 2006 Maryland General Assembly session, my response to recent democratic issues that have been raised, letters from constituents, newpaper articles and much more.

I hope that in reviewing my site, you will take notice of the many links regarding the legislative bills that I was key in sponsoring in addition to reading many of the positive responses from those that have directly benefited from the legislation.

Click to enlarge Sen. Colburn visits second-graders at Warwick Elementary School

I am most proud of the recent passing of "Jessica's Law", which will help to inform and protect many innocent individuals. I also continue to support and sponsor legislation to preserve The Chesapeake Bay, our farmers, agricultural land and forests, the Maryland educational system, small business owners, and growth on the Eastern Shore.

Rich and his wife Alma
Rich and his wife Alma

I trust that you will find an abundance of information pertaining to my past and recent accomplishments. I pride myself in tackling issues that concern you both as a constituent and as a resident. I have also included a little bit about myself, not only as your Senator, but as your neighbor. It is very important to me, as your representative, to be an honest Shore leader; while maintaining integrity and old-fashioned Eastern Shore values.

I thank you for visiting to my website and hope that you will show your support by re-electing me, Richard F. Colburn as your Shore Senator!

Richard F. Colburn

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